On Sunday and Monday of the Constructionism / FabLearn 2023 conference we will host a BarCamp. The BarCamp is a participant-generated conference, also known as an “unconference”. This means that the participants are also the presenters and contributors, rather than having fixed speakers, panels and sessions. The BarCamp concept originated in the technology industry, but has been applied to a wide range of topics. The main spirit of a BarCamp is to provide an informal space where everyone is a participant and can learn from each other.

Instead of having a set agenda, the BarCamp starts with a blank schedule. Both days of the BarCamp begin with a planning session. Participants suggest sessions and the organizers fill in the schedule on the day of the event. This encourages spontaneity and active participation. Sessions will last 30 minutes and there will be multiple sessions per time slot. There will be two time slots per day. Session topics can be a presentation, mini-workshop, discussion, or even a question.

Sessions can be suggested during the planning session or submitted in advance using this Padlet.

The concept of a BarCamp is flexible, but there are some core principles and rules:

  1. Everyone is welcome: Whether as a presenter or as an audience member.
  2. The agenda is created on the day.
  3. The rule of two feet: If someone finds themselves in a situation where they are not contributing or learning, or would like to attend another session, they should move to another session. This is strongly encouraged and should not be taken as an insult to the participants of any given session.
  4. Shared notes: Sessions are open and collaborative, and participants are encouraged to share notes and insights with others. This is done through a Google folder where notes, slides or links can be shared.

If you have any questions before the barcamp starts, please contact Tobias Schifferle