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Dear Friends,

The Constructionism conference committee are delighted to announce that the next conference is scheduled for 2023! In the meantime, we are busy developing a variety of networking events on the run up to the conference.

We want these networking events to reflect your interests as teachers and researchers, to address grand challenges, to identify actions for tomorrow and to provide an opportunity to share and discuss our many identities as Constructionists. Our goal is for events to take place in as many locations and in as many forms as possible – from a TeachMeet in Thailand to a symposium in Sweden – face-to-face where this is possible and blended or online where it is not.

The pandemic has changed all of our lives and it provides a great opportunity to rethink how we engage with big ideas and with each other. For Constructionism 2020 in Dublin, we had planned to start important conversations around the nature of, and goals for, the constructionist community going forward. We hope that these conversations can start at networking events around the world and be shared when we are all able to meet together again in 2023.

So, what can you do? Get involved!

  1. Host an event – the format and topic is up to you, just let us know about it so that we can help you plan and promote it.
  2. Go to an event.
  3. Send us your thoughts and ideas for the conference and events.

If you would like to support the conference committee on an ongoing basis, send us an email for more information.

Need some inspiration? Look no further than the Constructionism 2020 conference proceedings, the 2021 special section of the British Journal of Educational Technology and the recent Designing Constructionist Futures book.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Constructionism Conference Committee.

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